In-House Aligners are All About Control

After taking Dr. Wu's online course you should be able to regain control in a myriad of ways

  • Control Your Tx Plan

    In-house aligners are all about customizing a system to your unique preferences. Learn more about your options and how to implement them with ease to maximize your efficiency and supercharge your patient experience.

  • Control Your Workflow

    With the proper setup, your workflow can be enjoyable again. Dr. Wu will share his start to finish process as well as ways to bring your own protocols into your workflow so you and your team can maximize productivity.

  • Control Starts with Same-Day Aligners

    We live in a world demanding instant gratification. Your patients are no different. Same-day aligner delivery is a crucial differentiator that large DSOs and direct-to-consumer companies have not yet implemented. Having control over delivery time ensures you are giving patients what they want NOW.

  • Control Rising Overhead

    With the right product selection and workflow, in-house aligners can be incredibly cost effective. Dr. Wu will walk through how to integrate each system with your bottom line in mind.

  • Control Your Practice Brand

    Marketing is becoming a more complex requirement for practices to continue growing. Controlling your brand visibility and showcasing your expertise is a cost effective marketing strategy that in-house aligners help you achieve.

Bringing your aligner system in-house has never been easier.

In-house aligner expert Dr. Eric Wu teaches you everything you need to get started with ease.

Learn how Dr. Eric Wu has transformed his orthodontic practice to regain control over his treatment planning, execution and overhead. Get insights on the most effective products and learn the processes that have made him the most sought after orthodontist in the center of the tech world of Palo Alto, California. Get started on your practice transformation today for $1,999.00.
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Hear what industry leaders have to say about Dr. Wu and the in-house aligner course.

I'd Highly Recommend!

“I’d highly recommend Dr. Wu’s aligner fabrication course. I had previously tried to figure it out on my own, and it was very daunting. Seeing the whole process from start to finish was helpful and made it seem easy to integrate. It also helped me to decide on what printer and materials to use. Definitely worth having the staff attend as well.” Dr. Amy Buchler (Modesto, CA)

One Of The Best Classes I've Taken!

The class was the best one I’ve taken since being an orthodontist. Eric is authentically interested in attendees as well as showing the way. Having Sonny present on branding was great. I’m so glad I did this class. I love Eric’s dedication to service and all his passion." Dr. Rob Kelleher (Folsom, CA)

Get control back with the proven in-house aligner blueprint.

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